Thursday, January 9, 2014

How to Build a Simple Electric Motor

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1.Create the magnetic coil. Obtain a thin, covered magnet cable or copper cable, and wrap it ten times around the advantage of the documents tube. Entrust a few inches of loose wire in the beginning and finish of the coil.


Carefully obtain the coil off the pipe. Wrap the ends of the cable around the coil at opposite points of the circle. Include some tape to help to keep the coil together if needed. After you have the coil acquire and well balanced, you may cut off surplus wire making merely an in on either harmful.

Start making the base. Poke four holes in the plastic material mug utilizing the thumbtack. Place one hole 1/2 inch from the best, and an additional 1/2 inch from the bottom part, then go for their break on the reverse side. If you don't have a plastic material mug, a styrofoam or even paper cup will work too.

Render the leads to the battery pack. Reduce two pieces of stiff wire at a three occasions the height of the cup and strand them through the holes in the cup.

Position the cup inverted. Location mobile deal helpful magnet on the outside of the closed conclude of the cup. Under the hood, place another helpful magnet, or more if necessary, to hold the very first magnet constantly in place.


Strip the wires. Sand the ends of the wires at the foundation of the mug and also collection them up to hook up these to your battery.

Adjusting the cables that will hold the coil. Position yourself the coil up on the magnetic and match the size of the coil to the support wires. Bend over certainly one of the wires linked to the foundation forward, along with the additional in reverse at the size of the coil.

Render a perch. Keep bending the cables to create a branch for the coil, so that the coil is held up with since small room as possible between the coil along with the helpful magnet.

Strip the support wires. Take the coil and sand all the coating off one of the support wires. On the other wire, only sand off half of the coating so that the coating will start to touch the support when the coil is closest to the magnet. If you want to adjust the sanding, you can just apply a new coating with a permanent marker (applying the coating with a permanent marker is very important as it breaks the magnet field and keeps the coil spinning).

Connect the battery and test your motor. Secure the wire to the battery using tape, making sure that either end of the wire is touching the positive and negative ends of the battery. Some minor adjustments may be needed.

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