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50 Hz 60 Hz frequency generator circuit using crystal oscillator

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You can generate 50Hz or 60Hz using this frequency generator. This oscillator can be used as the front end of circuits that require precision pulses.
A crystal is used in the circuit to generate clock pulses. The circuit uses two counter ICs CD4060 and 7490 to divide the basic frequency to generate 50Hz or 60Hz pulses.
60hz 50hz frequency signal generator circuit diagram using crystal oscillator
R1 2.2MΩ
C1  24pF
C2  24pF
C3  0.01µF
C4  47µF 16V
C5  0.1µF
C6  100µF 16V
XTAL  4.096MHz or 4.9152MHz Crystal
IC1  CD4060
IC2  7490 (SN74LS90N)
IC3  7805 Regulator
“X” is a test point.

CD4060 act as an oscillator and frequency divider here this is arranged to divide by 8192Hz which gives 600hz when you using 4.9152MHz crystal or 500hz when you using 4.096MHz crystal. That frequency further divided by 10 using 7490 IC is to obtain 50Hz or 60Hz output.
4.096MHz Crystal
4.9152MHz Crystal
CD4060 IC CMOS 14-Stage Ripple Carry Binary Counter  Divider and Oscillator CD4060BE
CD4060 CMOS 14 Stage Ripple Carry Binary Counter Divider Oscillator ic pin configuration

You can check CD4060 crystal oscillator and frequency divider work correctly via “X” test point. when you use 4.096MHz crystal “X” point gives 500Mhz output and 4.9152MHz crystal gives 600Hz output. If you don’t need a test point you can ignore it.
 7490 SN7490A SN74LS90 SN74LS90N 7490N BINARY COUNTER IC 7490 SN74LS90N 7490N BINARY COUNTER IC pin configuration
This frequency generator circuit gives 50Hz as output when the crystal is 4.096MHz. Crystal must be 4.9152MHz if you need 60Hz.

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