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Fluorescent Tube Light Circuit

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Fluorescent Tube Light Circuit of an inverter that uses a single transistor and a single transformer. This type inverter can be made in various ratings such as 6V, 10 Watts; 6V, 20Watts; 12V, 20Watts etc. Details of a few types are given below:
Fluorescent Tube Light circuit diagram 12V 6V 10W 20W design
Fluorescent Tube Light Circuit PARTS LIST

6V, 10Watts Design 6V, 20Watts Design 12,V 20 Watts Design
Vin 6V DC 6V DC 12V DC
R1 680Ω, 2W 330Ω, 3W 150Ω, 5W
R2 3.3Ω, 0.5W 2.2Ω, 0.5W 5.6Ω, 0.5W
C1 100µF, 16V 100µF, 16V 10µF, 25V
C2 0.47µF, 16V 0.47µF, 16V 0.33µF, 30V
T1 2N3055
X1 Pot core 26/16, 10W Pot core 26/16, 20W Pot core 26/16, 12V, 20W
N1 16T, 30SWG 18T, 30SWG 30T, 34SWG
N2 10T, 20SWG 10T, 20SWG 20T, 24SWG
N3 3T, 30SWG 5T, 32SWG 6T ,36SWG
N4 85T, 30SWG 112T, 32SWG 191T, 36SWG
N5 2T, 30SWG 3T, 32SWG 3T, 36SWG
TUBE Fluorescent tube light 10W Fluorescent tube light 20W Fluorescent tube light 20W
1. N3, N4, N5 continuous winding
2. The dot in the circuit indicates start of winding.
Fluorescent Tube Light circuit Transformer Winding Details

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